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Pre-Order Amazon Book Price Guarantee

Tweet I have a third grader who is on the cusp of becoming a reader. I mean, he can already read. What I’m talking about, is becoming the kind of person who reads for fun, by choice. Building up that … Continue reading

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Children’s Place Summer Sale Plus Coupon Code

Tweet One of the best parenting tips out there comes courtesy of the adult shopping world. Just like regular department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s, as well as clothing stores like Gap, Land’s End, and so on, start changing … Continue reading

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Cheap Baby Clothes, Toddler Clothes Discount Sale

Want to save money on baby clothes, toddler clothes, and kids clothes? Know about the sales and the coupons, and then shop the right stores and brands. Continue reading

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Quickie Save Money Shopping Tip

Tweet I have an article on saving money when it comes to shopping for a new baby, or even for a toddler for Dads and Moms on its way.  But,in the meantime, I came across this on sale at Amazon.com … Continue reading

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Toddler Gloves for Building Snowman = Fleece Gloves Bad

Tweet Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only parent alive who doesn’t just drop my kid off at daycare in their designer jumpsuit and think that makes me a good parent. It is winter.  And, as much as I dislike … Continue reading

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