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Better School Pictures Cheaper

Tweet School pictures have been around forever. Every year, it’s basically the same thing. The school sends home an envelope with a notice about school pictures and an order form. Then, parents pick a nice outfit and send their kids … Continue reading

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Digital Camera Card for Dad

Tweet Last Christmas, I asked for a digital camera card for our compact, point-and-shoot type of camera. It got it. I holdsĀ thousandsĀ of digital photographs of our family, things we see and do, and places we go. This is a very … Continue reading

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Canon ELPH 100 HS for Family Photos Review

Tweet Is the Canon ELPH 100 HS a good point and shoot camera for taking family pictures of the kids and events? Let’s walk through it. Undefeated Daddy’s Canon ELPH 100 Review The Canon ELPH 100 HS gets good reviews … Continue reading

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Good Digital Camera for Kids

Tweet My daughter loves seeing the pictures we take on the back of the camera and on the computer. In fact, the toughest thing about getting pictures these days is that I can only snap two or three pics before … Continue reading

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Digital Cameras and New Dads

Ask your father if he would pay $500 for more great pictures of you when you were child. Mine did. So, I got a great new camera when my wife was pregnant and I’ve never regretted it. Continue reading

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