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Current Happy Meal Toy Latest Update

Tweet Good parenting skills are key to avoiding things like temper tantrums, sulking, and most importantly of all, disappointed children which leads to disappointment for parents too. As a dad, good nutrition is important to me and my kids, primarily … Continue reading

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Am I Ready to Be a Dad?

Tweet Are you ready to be a father? In a word, no. Sorry. No one is actually ready to be a dad before they are one. Being a father is a really big deal, and it’s really important. But, don’t … Continue reading

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How Old Before You Leave Kids Alone

Tweet There is an interesting time in a child’s life where you can, and probably should, leave them on their own in certain places. However, just when that age is, and just how alone you plan to leave them makes … Continue reading

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Potty Training Tips – Pause

Tweet Potty training can be a tricky thing. There are competing schools of thought about when and how to train, and then, of course, each child is different. However, there are some potty training tips that can be useful regardless … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Resolutions

Tweet I know a good idea when I see it, and over at Backpacking Dad, I saw two in one really short article. The first good idea is the concept of a "Father’s Year." Think of it as a fiscal … Continue reading

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