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Changing Tables in Men’s Rooms

Tweet Ashton Kutcher made news recently with his tweet about how none of the public bathrooms he has been in have changing tables for dads to change diapers. Now, I’m sure Mr. Kutcher and I roll in slightly different circles. … Continue reading

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Attitudes Toward Stay at Home Dads

Tweet So in an article on the Time Magazine website, called “When Stay-at-Home Husbands Are Embarrassing to Their Wives” a writer decides that maybe society isn’t ready for stay at home dads who raise the kids while their wives work. … Continue reading

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Kids Are More Expensive than a Bently

Tweet Every so often, a magazine, newspaper, or yes, even a blog, comes out with a “shocking” analysis that shows raising a child is expensive. Some studies even question the decision to have children altogether, insinuating that people who have … Continue reading

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Halloween Candy Recall 2010 – Nestle Raisinets

Tweet Ever since selfish cowards began poisoning or otherwise tainting Halloween candy, it seems that kids just can’t catch a break when it comes to dressing up in a new costume and reveling in the surprise and delight of neighbors, … Continue reading

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2010 Halloween Candy Recall Mega Pops Lollipops

Tweet Just in time to make savvy parents even more concerned about candy from trick-or-treating on Halloween, there has been a recall of a popular brand of lollipop Halloween candy. Mega Pops brand lollipops are being recalled for the vague … Continue reading

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