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Make Soft Rice Krispie Treats With Dad

Tweet Ok, a real man doesn’t stop being a dad at the kitchen door.  Face it, sooner or later your child is going to need to eat, and what you provide shouldn’t begin and end with what comes in a … Continue reading

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How To Pack Good School Lunches

Tweet You won’t find it hard to find advice on packing healthy lunches for your kids to take to school. Unfortunately, much of that advice isn’t a realistic way to make your child a healthy school lunch. Healthy Enough Let’s … Continue reading

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Use Apple Juice to Help Baby Eat Better

Tweet It turns out that the secret to baby and toddler nutrition is apple juice.  Can’t get your young one to drink enough water?  Offer them apple juice.  Can’t get your toddler to eat oatmeal?  Make it with apple juice … Continue reading

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