Dad Happy Birthday Cards

Fathers are not dumb.  Even a brand new first time dad knows that the Happy Birthday Dad card he gets from his baby girl or toddler son was not purchased by his child.  Dad knows that Mommy or Grandma, or even the nanny, helped pick out the card.  This creates a slight confusion in how to get the best birthday card for dad.

Basically there are two theories when it comes to buying Dad’s happy birthday card:

  1. Let the kid pick – With this option, dad is getting the card with the picture that Junior liked best.  This means that the words might not be a 100% fit.  That is fine, but it can be helpful to fill in that little detail.  “Little Sally picked it out all by herself.  She seemed to really like the yellow ducks.”  That way, Dad isn’t puzzled by the card that says that she is sorry she missed his birthday.
  2. Pick for the kid – Get the right words and then hand it to little Timmy or put a crayon in baby’s hand and let them scribble a little on it as their version of signing.

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