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BPA Dangers for Pregnant Women

Tweet Yet another study suggests that BPA is dangerous for kids and pregnant mothers. The plastics industry is quick to roll out the same arguments that the tabacco industry used for years. This study doesn’t count for some reason. The … Continue reading

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What About Nipple Confusion? Feeding Infant With Baby Bottle

Is Nipple Confusion still a valid concern, or is it OK for baby to get a bottle in addition to breastfeeding? Continue reading

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BPA Gives Babies Cancer – FDA Doesn’t Care

BPA causes cancer. That is undisputed. The plastics industry pretends that the BPA in baby bottles and other plastics doesn’t give off enough BPA to give you cancer and they have studies (funded by themselves) to prove it. Yeah, the tobacco guy already tried this, there is no way they’ll get away with it, or will they? Continue reading

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Baby Formula Rules

Using baby formula? Here are the rules you have to know.

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