Xbox For the Family

OK. Me and the head of the family (my wife) disagree on video games. I stipulate that video games (and YouTube and stuff) are the TV of this generation, and just like our generation had all of society hand wringing over TV ruining our minds, we are doing the same thing to this generation. Plus, you don’t really want our kids to be those, “We don’t have a TV,” kids, do you?

So far, I’ve been unpersuasive. One problem is that I’m limited to iPads, which get used a TON, and a Nintendo Switch that I play more than the kids. (Me gaming has nothing to do with this I swear on my mother’s grave…….. fine, she’s alive. That’s not the point.) The trick is that $500 is not a just do it purchase. We can afford it, but that level of spending is a joint decision. She already knows what they cost so I can’t stretch the truth about the price. But…

I can sell this. I could have sold this easier if she didn’t know the purchase price was $500 to start with. Drat!

We have recently cut some spending on some of the other family (dad/kids) entertainment subscriptions because they were out growing them. Plus, and this is a big selling point for me that I’ll have to push, having the DVD player in this thing means no more plugging and unplugging a USB cable to get the DVD player connected to the TV

We have 3 DVD ports, but one goes to the soundbar, the other to cable, and the third is currently Switch and DVD. If I take the Switch downstairs and make it more of a mobile device and connect the new Xbox, then the DVD player will be permanently connected.

I like this plan. I’m excited about this plan……………… it probably won’t work, but we’ll keep chipping away.

it's an xbox baby

In the meantime, I hear they are adding a bunch of new tracks to Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch. I already own one of those. It would be a good time to pick up a second Switch controller. And, you know, if we keep leaving the Switch hooked up because of all the Mario Kart we play, it just might get too frustrating to keep moving that HDMI cable to hook up the DVD.

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