Current McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

Here is an update about the current Happy Meal toys. The latest toy in McDonald’s Happy Meals are Hello Kitty watches for the Happy Meal girl toys and Transformer action figures for the boy Happy Meal toys.

current-happy-meal-toy-hello-kitty-watchThere are several of the Hello Kitty characters offered including the bunny rabbit and the black cat, in addition to the most recognized Hello Kitty face. These are cheapo kids watches, of course, but they seemed to go over just fine with my four-year old. A quick parenting tip, however, if your child wants something to play with get the boys toy.

The Transformers action figure Happy Meal toys are standard quality figurine toys one would find in a McDonald’s Happy Meal. However, since the entire point of Transformers is that they change into something, it is curious that the Happy Meal Transformers don’t actually transform. The black one we got has a little lever on the back that you are supposed to click back and forth in order to pump the machine gun arms in and out. It looks pretty cool, but the switch is small and hard to work for young kids. It would take an older child to actually be able to use it.

According to the bottom of the box, the next Happy Meal toy is Bakugan for the boys Happy Meal toys and something like cutest little pets. I don’t remember the exact phrasing. If that rings a bell with anyone let me know so that I can get it right on here.

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