Cool Cash Register Toy

My daughter has this talking toy cash register and absolutely loves it.  She calls it her “laptop” (Mom and Dad both have laptops).  Anyway, it is on sale for cheap from Amazon with free shipping.  (My online addiction is deals websites.)

We got it for around this price, but had to pay like $13 for shipping, so this is a pretty good deal.  I says not for children under 3, but that is only because it comes with its own “change” (plastic).  If you watch your child when they play with it, or if they don’t put stuff in their mouth any more, it isn’t like the cash register itself is dangerous.  If you are really paranoid, you can take all the change out and they can just use it with the dollars.

The best part about this toy cash register is that it has all of these built-in games and electronic learning tools, so as your toddler gets older, this will still be a cool toy.

Actually, I lied.  The BEST part about this toy cash register is that it has a “scanner” next to the cash register keyboard area.  It is really just a big red button that gets pressed and then it says a price, “one dollar and fifteen sense.” (Oh yeah, it talks.)  Nothing is quite as fun to a child as scanning every single one of their stuffed animals, except scanning Mom’s hand and hearing “twelve cents”.  My daughter didn’t start laughing until I did, which made it even funnier!

If you want one, here you go.  (If the price has gone back up over $30 or $35, just wait.  These go on sale all of the time.)

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