Cool Ball Pool

You’ve seen the ball pit at Chuck-e-Cheese and other kid places.  Heck, maybe you’ve even been in a couple yourself.  Maybe you’ve seen the toys that are similar and thought.  That might be pretty cool for my little one.  But, then again, if you’ve got a toddler, they might be too big, and they aren’t cheap either.  Give up?  Never!  That would be defeated, and no one defeats your daddy.

Do It Yourself Ball Pool

It’s really simple to build a ball pool yourself.  In fact, after reading that sentence, I’m sure you already have a pretty good idea of where this is going.

First, get a cheap inflatable kiddie pool.  You want inflatable because your kids will jump and spin and fall around in the balls and you don’t want them hitting a hard plastic wall when they do.  You want it to be small unless you are only going to set it up outside.  Round objects take up way more space than you think they might, so keep it little or it will fill the whole room.  Here is one: Bubble Spray Pool, 58" x 13"

Next, you need the balls.  You don’t want to go too small or they’ll be hard to move around in and it will take too many to fill the pool.  You don’t want them too big or it won’t have that “swimming” affect that makes it so fun.  Something in the neighborhood of 3” is about right.  They’ve got these on Amazon: 100 pcs Fun Ballz

If you want to get it even cheaper, start watching the big department stores.  They are getting ready to start dumping their summer stuff so they can get out their fall stuff, and when they do, the discount.  Pick up a dirt cheap pool and dirt cheap balls, and the new ball pit is all ready.  As an added bonus, you can do other things with the pool and the balls.  Just use your imagination; or sit back and watch to see what your kids end up doing with them.  They might surprise you.



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