Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – Month 1

Congratulations!  You’re pregnant.  You are also probably freaking out a little bit.  That is understandable, especially if this is your first one.  After all, you have zero experience with the whole pregnant wife and coming-soon baby. 

You are probably freaking out even more if you are the first among your similarly aged friends and family, because then you really have no frame of reference, AND no one to talk to.

So, take a deep breath and relax a little bit.  You’ll get through this.  Everyone does.

Month #1

Actually, you already missed Month #1.  Don’t worry, everyone does.  It has to do with the way they count a pregnancy.  So, let’s get this pesky counting thing out of the way.

Doctors, medical personnel, and everyone except the non-professionals who will come out of the woodwork when they hear the news, count the pregnancy from the date the mother’s last menstrual cycle started.  You don’t really find out that she is pregnant until she misses the next start of her next period.  That means that when you see the little blue line, or she carefully starts counting days on a calendar, it is the start of Month #2.

This method of counting also means that the mother is pregnant for 10 months, not 9 months.  More accurately, the term of a full pregnancy is 40 weeks.  Again, this is counting from the date of the last period she had, not the date of the first one she missed.

Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy Term Counting

  • Day #1 = Date Mother’s Last Menstrual Period Began
  • Month #1 (Weeks 1 – 4) = The Month Before You Know You Are Pregnant
  • Month #2 (Weeks 5 – 8) = The 1st Month You Know About Being Pregnant
  • Month #10 (Week #40) = Baby’s Due Date

Don’t worry, we’ll break this down further, and a nice graphical and downloadable version are in the works.

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