Dad To Be Pregnancy Guide

So, you’re going to be a daddy.  Now what?

This step-by-step how-to guide will guide you through what is going on with your baby, the baby’s mother, all those doctors appointments, what to pack for the delivery, what to do at home to prepare for baby’s arrival, and how to get ready, and be ready for all of those confusing pregnancy events.

You can read the entire guide here, or if you would prefer quick information in smaller, denser, and detailed guides, you can get one of these sub-guides.  All sub-guide information is contained here in the overall master Dad To Be Pregnancy Guide, however, not all the information contained in the master guide is available in the sub-guides.

  • Expectant Father Guide to Pregnancy Doctor Appointments
  • Expecting Father Guide to Childbirth & Delivery
  • Expecting Dad Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home
  • Expecting Daddy Guide to Gear

Baby Development During Pregnancy

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