Pregnancy Guides

Parents to Be Guide to Pregnancy Doctor Appointments

Want a specific guide tailored toward Expecting Dads?  I’ve been there.  The guides below contain much of the same information as the expecting parents guide, but aimed toward the future proud papa.

Dad to Be Guide to Pregnancy

All coming very soon (today is 04/16/09)…

If you are wondering, I’ve got these great guides written out, but need to get the pages published so I can make the proper links back and forth without having broken links or accidentally linking to the wrong place based on a publishing assumption.

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Counting Down Your Pregnancy

Everyone knows that pregnancy lasts 9 months.  The mistake everyone makes is that you don’t deliver on Month 9, Day 1, but rather at the END of Month 9, or if you prefer at the BEGINNING of Month 10.

This confusion is why it is sometimes more helpful to think of a pregnancy in weeks instead of months.  A full-term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

Month 1 – Weeks 1 to 4

Month 2 – Weeks 5 to 8

Month 3 – Weeks 9 to 13

Month 4 – Weeks 14 to 17

Month 5 – Weeks 18 to 22

Month 6 – Weeks 23 to 27

Month 7 – Weeks 28 to 31

Month 8 – Weeks 32 to 35

Month 9 – Weeks 36 to 40


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