Toddler Gloves for Building Snowman = Fleece Gloves Bad

snowman Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only parent alive who doesn’t just drop my kid off at daycare in their designer jumpsuit and think that makes me a good parent.

It is winter.  And, as much as I dislike that fact, there are some things that you just have to deal with, or as I tell my daughter, “I don’t control that, Honey.”

So, I want to build a snowman with her.  Now, I know that she isn’t good for rolling up a 48” ball of snow, but if I put my hands in the snow, she is going to put her hands in the snow.  That means, that she needs gloves, not fleece gloves, not fur gloves, not cotton or velour, or whatever else is trendy.  She needs WATERPROOF GLOVES!

Why am I shouting?  Go take a look at Children’s Place, or Baby Gap, or Old Navy, or anywhere else besides Target or Wal-mart where you buy your baby gloves and point at the real, honest to goodness, gloves that can be used in the snow.

 Gloves at Childrens Place Find them?  Me neither. (Don’t get too excited about that ONE PAIR OUT OF TWENTY that says nylon winter gloves, they don’t come in Toddler size.)

Hey, trendy baby stores, listen up.  Some of us play with our kids and we would appreciate if you would also manufacture and sell some items for our kids instead of focusing on the my baby is a moving mannequin crowd.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Toddler Gloves for Building Snowman = Fleece Gloves Bad”

  1. We sold Children’s Waterproof Gloves for years but they never sold. Parents simply did not buy them and we found this very unusual. As a matter of fact, just today, I wrote about the same issue on my Blog.

    As our inventory is depleted, we will be forced to discontinue them due to the large stocking requirement.

    Link to the gloves:

    If anyone has a question, please let me know.

    Thanks, The Glove Guru

  2. I’m not 100% sure that I would consider the sales of glow in the dark gloves to necessarily be a good representation of the demand for regular water proof gloves. But you raise the old Catch-22. Do water proof gloves for children not sell because no one offers them consistently, or does no one consistently offer waterproof gloves for children because they don’t sell?

    I did love these though: Childrens Work Gloves!

    Someone get the Department of Labor on the phone 🙂

  3. So, that’s two readers who found glow in the dark gloves 🙂

    I did find a pair of mittens recently. I’ll get up some pictures and a review soon. I actually stumbled across these at a store called Tuesday Morning. I’m not sure if it’s a national thing or not, but it is a “closeout” store where they get overstock and other types of merchandise from other retailers and then sell it off. Anyway, the gloves are regular, black, waterproof looking (we’ll need to test them) mittens. The tag says “JA Tots” – Jacob Ash Holdings. Will look into it and get back to everyone.

  4. I stumbled across this post on my search for waterproof gloves. (No, not mittens, but gloves!) My daughter hates wearing mittens – they constrict her hands and she pulls them off anyway. She will wear gloves, but I haven’t been able to find any normal gloves that are waterproof. I suppose I could purchase some dull, black, waterproof mittens and explain over and over that she can’t play in the snow unless she wears them… but it really shouldn’t be this hard to find a pair of 2T-3T waterproof gloves.

  5. I, as a parent, too find this frustrating. I guess one of the only options is to purchase waterproof gloves from the few stores that sell them…hopefully executives at these trendy baby stores will realize that they need to start selling waterproof gloves in order to not miss out on that marketshare!

  6. I am in the same boat as Laura I have a small four year old that does NOT want to wear mittens, he wants to be a big boy. I am considering sewing a pair from a wool / angora sweater with a waterproof cover. Finger crossed they turn out or a pair that actually fits turns up somewhere. I have all weather kids not mannequins – store are just not that accommodating.


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