Google Not Helpful for Some Dad Information

As a father certain things are more important to me than other people.  For example, when is the time of summer when butterflies are most plentiful?

My daughter loves butterflies, but they are pretty hard to come by on demand most of the year.  However, the Denver Botanic Gardens attracts them in droves thanks to their array of plants and flowers.  But, when there aren’t any butterflies around, it doesn’t matter what kind of plants you have.

A dozen Google searches later and I’m still no closer to finding out when the peak season for butterflies is in Denver.  (Just FYI, I do know about the Butterfly Pavilions in Broomfield, CO and yes, she loves it there too, but the Botanic Gardens are closer, bigger, and outside which is what I was shooting for today.)

A .org site search lead me to the North American Butterfly Association which has the domain so I’m guessing their pretty legit.  Still, no quick answers, but at least I finally have some usable links.

Thanks to commenter Lisa another parenting blog writer who shot me a link to a Denver Post article that says:

The butterfly season in Colorado is generally May to October.

Even better is this more recent article which says:

Summer and early fall are the peak seasons for butterflies.

Well, there you go.  Went to the Botanic Gardens too early.  No problem, we’re members so we’ll go again later.  I just won’t promise butterflies again until August or September.

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