Dads Television and Children’s Shows or Cartoons

Let’s face it, no grown man can claim to be the target demographic for episodes of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  However, the show has become a recent favorite of my 2 year old daughter.

She doesn’t watch much TV.  More importantly, she never watches TV without us.  No sitting her in front of the television while we go do something else, or get some work done.  That’s garbage parenting and it is why all the doctors and pediatric organizations say that your child should only watch a certain amount of hours of TV.  If you are there with them, then they are still interacting with you, and that is good.  So, when she watches TV, I watch TV.  And lately, her favorite is an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that we recorded on our DVR, titled Sleeping Minnie.

The reason it is her favorite is that she has noticed that Minnie wears a pink polka-dot bow.  Two of her favorite things in the world are pink and polka-dots, so the two together are utterly fabulous.  Ironically, Minnie has barely any screen time in the episode, even though it is about her.

When you watch a TV show once, it just sort of washes over you as your brain files pretty much all of the images and sounds under “Garbage to Delete During Dreaming Later".  But, if you watch a show more than a few times, parts of it start to stick with you, and when that happens, you can’t help but think about it.  That spells trouble with kid’s TV shows.

In this episode, Clarabelle the Cow (what the heck?!?), whom I despise, runs into the clubhouse to tell Mickey some awful news.  She was planting sleeping roses, which are called that because if you pick one you’ll sleep for 100 years, when Minnie came along and picked one. 


Aside from being a lame tack-on character, how dumb is this cow?  Planting roses that will cause someone to fall asleep for 100 years by the main path?  Hello?  Any responsibility here whatsoever cow?  I mean put up a sign or something.  Just putting them there and hoping for the best is just stupid.

Of course, there is a solution.  If they go get the Golden Harp from the musical maze (which is over the glass bridge and through the woods), they can play it and wake Minnie up.  No word on what happens to the next poor fool who ends up picking something in the addle-brained cow’s danger garden once the harp has been run off with by Mickey and friends.

No point today.  Just venting against the moron-ity of this idea.

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