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Fathers are not dumb.  Even a brand new first time dad knows that the Happy Birthday Dad card he gets from his baby girl or toddler son was not purchased by his child.  Dad knows that Mommy or Grandma, or even the nanny, helped pick out the card.  This creates a slight confusion in how to get the best birthday card for dad.

Basically there are two theories when it comes to buying Dad’s happy birthday card:

  1. Let the kid pick – With this option, dad is getting the card with the picture that Junior liked best.  This means that the words might not be a 100% fit.  That is fine, but it can be helpful to fill in that little detail.  “Little Sally picked it out all by herself.  She seemed to really like the yellow ducks.”  That way, Dad isn’t puzzled by the card that says that she is sorry she missed his birthday.
  2. Pick for the kid – Get the right words and then hand it to little Timmy or put a crayon in baby’s hand and let them scribble a little on it as their version of signing.

The secret is that Dad will love the birthday card either way.  After all, real men don’t really pay too much attention to the birthday cards they get anyway.  His beloved daughter or son smiling and hugging is what he really wants anyway.

Best Top 5 Tips for Great Dad Happy Birthday Card

  1. Let them sign it. – Sure, the baby is too young to sign her name.  That doesn’t mean she can get a market on the page, or bite the top.  If your toddler is old enough to hold a pen or crayon, let him or her scribble on it.  Its better than signing.
  2. Make it fun instead of serious. – Great dads are like…cards are boring, and obviously not really from the kids.
  3. Let the child give it to dad –  I’ll never forget the beaming look of pride on my daughter’s face as she handed me my second birthday card followed by the impatient anticipation to see inside.
  4. Remind the child about picking it out. – Something like, “Sally do you remember picking that card out for Daddy?  Do you remember how much you liked the frogs on the cover?”  That puts the little one back in mind of the good time the card came out of.
  5. Give more than one. – Can’t decide?  Hey, they’re two or three bucks.  Buy two.  One can be the right words, one can be the right picture.

Secret Double Bonus Happy Birthday Dad Card Tip:  Get the birthday cards that play music.  Dad will love watching his toddler son or daughter open and close the card to make the music stop and start.  Fun songs that start fast are the best ones because the little ones will be interested in them right away.  Skip music that has to build up to the fun part.  And skip the ones that just talk or quote movies.  A little one’s attention won’t be held by talking, no matter how funny the line.

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