Colorado Rockies Fireworks Games Dates 2015

Every year, the Colorado Rockies put on one of the best fireworks shows in all of Denver. This year, it means a bonus weekend of July fireworks as well.

You can buy tickets to the Rockies fireworks games and see the show from inside Coors Field, of course, but you do not have to be in the stadium to get a great view of the after game firework show. The fireworks are launched from an area west of the stadium. You can see up close from the patio of Fado’s, or anywhere else that has a view of the western edge of Coors Field.

2015 Rockies Fireworks graphicThe best part of the fireworks show after Rockies games is that they don’t just happen on the Fourth of July. In 2015, the Rockies happen to have an away game series on July 4th weekend against the Diamondbacks, so there are no fireworks games actually on the 4th of July or that weekend. So, the fireworks games are the following weekend on July 10th and July 11th (games against the Atlanta Braves). The official time of the Rockies fireworks is “after the game,” but that usually works out to around 9:30 pm, or so, assuming that there are no extra innings.

You might be able to see fireworks several times for your Fourth of July in Colorado. Most local cities and municipalities will do their fireworks shows on weekend evenings to accommodate working parents and their kids during the actual holiday weekend. Depending upon where you live and which aerial displays you would like to see, you could be able to see your home city fireworks show on July 3rd or 4th, and then catch a Rockies fireworks show on Friday July 10th, or Saturday July 11th.


Rockies Fan Appreciation Fireworks Show

The Colorado Rockies also put on a fan appreciation fireworks display each year in the fall when the regular season is winding down. This is a great end-of-summer fireworks show to take your kids to instead of bunching up all of your viewing in one week.

The 2015 Rockies fan appreciation fireworks show is on September 25th, which is a Friday, perfect for kids who are still in school.

Throughout the season there are various promotions and giveaways associated with other games. You’ll have to buy a ticket and get into the ballpark for those, though. Either way, the Rockies fireworks games are a great evening event for parents and their kids.

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