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Like many people, my wife and I gave up our landline phone years ago, before we had kids. Our cell phones cover whatever we need, and frankly we don’t call much on the phone anyway. However, now that our oldest is starting to get to the age where maybe, they might be able to stay at home for a bit by themselves, we sure would like them to have a phone they could use in case they needed to get a hold of us.

In addition, it would make me feel a bit better if they could take a cell phone in their backpack when they ride to school. It isn’t far, but a quick text saying that they made it is comforting. Plus, there is always the chance that they might have a crash, or get a flat, or just flat out need a ride home for some reason.

The problem, of course, is wasteful spending. The cost of a landline phone is ridiculous. It adds nearly $30 per month to our Comcast bill, and getting it from CenturyLink ends up costing even more. A cheap cell phone might be the answer, but pre-paid cell phone minutes are weird to manage and often expire, and adding another line to our current cell phone plan costs a minimum of $20. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you are talking about a few dozen texts, and only a handful of calls, it’s pretty much a waste.

Xfinity Mobile Kid Phone

Here is where Xfinity Mobile comes in for our kid phone. Without meaning to, the company has given us the perfect option for getting our kiddo a virtually free cell phone to keep in touch with.

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In order for this to work, you already need to be an Xfinity internet customer. If you are, then the “access charge,” or, “line fee,” is free. Neither my wife, nor I, use enough data to make unlimited worthwhile, so we signed up for the “By The Gig” version. The way it works is that you pay $12 per gig, shared across your plan. The kids won’t be using any data, and unlimited talk and text is free.

So, while the kid phone is technically part of the plan, it won’t cost us anything at all, because the access charge is free, and there will be no data usage!

All that’s left is the cost of the phone itself.

Thanks to an Xfinity sale that took $200 off the price of any phone, we were able to get the lowest-level Xfinity phone for just $1.

Add it all up, and we get a no-cost cell phone for just $1.

Being a parent is all about finding the best solution, and thanks to a plan that isn’t even designed for children, we got just what we needed for a kid cell phone.

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