BPA Dangers for Pregnant Women

Yet another study suggests that BPA is dangerous for kids and pregnant mothers.

The plastics industry is quick to roll out the same arguments that the tabacco industry used for years. This study doesn’t count for some reason. The results are inconclusive. Blah, blah, blah.

What they are desperately hoping to distract everyone from is that this is NOT the first study to suggest health problems arising from using BPA in food and drink containers. In fact, this is yet another study in a long line of studies that have shown a potential link to health issues, including cancer, from using BPA in plastics. These studies have led most other first world countries to ban the use of BPA in food and drink containers.

Parents should avoid using baby bottles, sippy cups and dishes that have BPA. Since the government won’t require manufacturers to disclose when BPA is used in manufacturing plastics, customers have no choice but to refuse to purchase any plastics not clearly marked BPA Free.


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