Baby Memory Books Tip

baby-book Most parents want to keep a baby memory book for their newborn, but most don’t end up every writing in it very much.  The problem is that those precious moments you want to jot down and record forever don’t always happen in the most convenient place at the most convenient time.

Add in the fact that most parents of little ones are extremely busy and you get a blank baby memory book, or one you are trying to fill in weeks or months after events happened.  Even if you do get around to adding an entry every night, you will probably still forget a lot of stuff.

In order to create the best baby journal ever, you need to capture all of those great moments though. Doing so is easier than you think if you follow this clever parenting tip for moms and dads.

Guide How To Keep a Baby Memory Book the Easy Way

Got a cell phone?  Then you have the best and easiest way to create, keep, and update a great baby journal or scrapbook. The toughest part will be coming up with creative baby scrapbook layouts to use.

Most adults have a cellphone with them at all times.  If not, you should probably consider it.  If your baby starts having a severe reaction to something while you are driving to Grandma’s house, how are you going to call a doctor or ambulance?

Anyway, since that phone is always with you, that means that unlike a pen and paper, you will have it whenever your baby or toddler does something wonderful or amazing.  When she says something funny or clever, send a quick text.  First time she laughs at a blue haired teenager?  Text.  Notices something amazing, or starts singing along to Bringing Sexy Back? Text.

You don’t have to send the text message right at that moment, but as soon as you have a free second send it.  At a red light or when he’s playing with the wooden train are great chances to take 15 seconds and make sure your memory doesn’t get lost in the black hole of your brain.

Write the Baby Scrapbook or Journal When You Have Free Time

The reality is that these little moments you want to record in the parent’s journal or baby book are the kinds of things that you will remember for a fairly long time.  You just need something to jog your memory and remind you of the date.  Text messages are perfect for this.  They are date and time stamped automatically, and the little message you send to yourself will remind you of what happened.

Then, when you actually have some spare time, sit down and transcribe your messages into the baby book.  Add the juicy details which you will likely remember with just that little prompting.  This will work even two or three months later because you don’t want to be journaling insignificant moments.  Thus, anything worth writing in the baby memory book will be something that you remember.

A text like, “At Grandma’s house started wiggling her tail when the dog did” is enough for you to remember that moment.  You’ll remember how cute and funny it was, and what Grandpa said about it.  You might not remember what shirt she was wearing, but does that matter?   If so, include it in your texts.

The best part is that those awesome baby moments will be listed in order, so you don’t have to worry about how to go back and put something in that you forgot.

Use An Online Service to Keep Your Baby Book Messages

Just in case your phone dies, or it turns out that your cell phone provider only keeps 10 messages worth of history, send your texts to one of the many free online services.  You need one that accepts incoming text messages, and that allows you to download or copy off those messages.  That way, you don’t have to depend on them to keep them for you.

You also want a service that allows you to have a private area, unless you want to be sharing these unfiltered and unedited texts with the world.

If you don’t have text messaging, you can probably add it for $5 a month, or via some special deal or other plan, especially if you are coming up on renewing your contract. Even without a plan, text messages can be very cheap.

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