New Baby Survival Tips Technology

Our newest edition is home with us!

image As a new father, again, this time of a young son, I am remembering some of those really great tips and tricks that helped me survive having a new baby at home last time around.  One of them is developing some resources that provide entertainment, distractions, or a way to work while simultaneously holding a baby that won’t sleep unless he’s in your arms.

It can be frustrating during those first few months when a new baby can’t sleep on their own all of the time.  Most of us don’t mind holding our beautiful baby boys or baby girls in our arms.  The issue is that we often have other things we need to be doing and with our own sleep hours dwindling, it can be hard to find enough time.  One answer is to use that time when wall baby needs from mom or dad is their body heat, smell, and breathing’s rhythmic rise and fall of the chest or stomach.

The catch is that most babies don’t turn into pliant lumps of clay that can be moved around to accommodate accomplishing tasks.  Instead, parents need to find ways to be able to do things without disturbing baby.  Usually, this means doing it one handed.

Last time around, I made sure to have a stack of printouts laying nearby.  This time around there is a better option.

The Amazon Kindle and other electronic readers like it allows you to stock up on a bunch of reading that you need to do (or want to do) and then hold it in one hand.  The latest 6-inch size Kindle can be held in one hand to allow for reading while baby sleeps in your arms.  Fill it up with reports, books, manuals, webpages, news feeds, or whatever you need and then keep it near your usual baby holding spot.  That way, when baby falls asleep in your arms, you can get through some of your reading.

Adjusting to a new baby takes both flexibility and maximizing your time and resources.  These electronic readers provide one more way to get more done while still taking great care of your newborn baby.

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