Date Night Without Babysitter

MoviewOk, as new parents, getting out without baby can sometimes be a tough accomplishment. Traditionally, going out involves a babysitter, or a relative watching your newest family member, but, that can get expensive, or be hard to pull off often enough. Is there another option?

Parent Goes Out, Then Parent Goes Out

My wife and I stumbled upon a technique that is actually very refreshing. In an effort to see some of the movies we want to see this summer, without necessarily ringing up the babysitter on a weekly schedule, we did something new. She went to the 12:20 showing of Iron Man. Then, we met near the theater and she took the baby, and I went to the 3:10 showing of Iron Man.

What’s the point? Going to the movies separately isn’t ideal, but it can be a great experience anyway if done right. If you go and then your spouse goes a few days later, it becomes a different experience. For a few days, you know something they don’t know. Then, when the second parent does see the movie, it is much fresher for them than for their partner.

By going to the movie back to back, it becomes very much like going together. Sure, you don’t have anyone to talk to before the movie starts (load a couple games on your cell phone), but during the movie, it isn’t really all that different. After all, unless you are a jerk, you don’t really talk much during the movie anyway.

When you are both done, you can get together at home and it’s like you both came out of the movie and drove home in separate cars. Now, you can discuss the film (favorite part, worst part, I can’t believe they…) while it’s still fresh and the emotions you have are still real. Is it as good as a real date night when you go together? No. But, if you are trying to see Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Hellboy 2, and so on, it just might work better than trying to get a babysitter all those nights.

Cheap Movie Bonus

Many movie theaters offer a discount price before a certain time of day. We got to see Iron Man for $5 each instead of the usual $9 by going in the afternoon. Since our babysitter isn’t available until evenings we saved $8 right there. Add in the usually $12 per hour for 3 hours (min) and we’ve save over $40. Now, we can have dinner out with the family, the whole family.

Other One Parent Then The Other Parent Ideas

Try these other activities with Mom going first and then Dad, or vice versa.

  • Museums
  • Plays (matinee then evening)
  • Art Galleries
  • Massages
  • Spa Day
  • Gym
  • Bike Ride (ride the same trail)
  • Walks

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