Summer Updates Coming Soon

Summer has been crazy at the Undefeated Daddy house. Don’t worry, though. I’ve got notes, ideas, and more.

We’ve been to Disneyland which means I have plenty of great tips for easier travel, where to stay around Disneyland, exactly WHERE to walk into Disneyland (since everyone seems to forget to mention that online), how the rides are. Tips for easy line management and more.

Plus, we’ve got pool tips, backyard pool fun ideas, cheap easy water games and play, and much more.

We got one of the kids an Amazon Fire for the birthday, so we can compare to the iPad, iPod, tablets and more. With plenty of great tips and tricks for how to make using electronic devices fun and educational, without turning them into screen-staring zombies.

All this and more…. right after I get back from Vegas!

(Oh, yeah. Also up, how to take a great vacation, without your kids!)

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