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I recently got a question about the products I mention here on Undefeated Daddy and their links back to Amazon.

First, the only products listed in the posts by me are those which I believe in and endorse as useful for other parents.  For the most part, these are products that I have personally used either by owning them, or by using them on a temporary basis via friends, family, or colleagues.  No one has ever sent me a product and asked me to review it or test it.  (I would, if anyone wants, but I will have to be 100% honest.)

Second, the links to Amazon are part of their affiliate program.  I do get a (very) tiny amount of money from Amazon if you purchase something based on my link.  But, Amazon sells virtually every product in the world, so it isn’t like I can’t recommend what I want to.  So, yes, I get some money.  No, it does not in any way influence what I post here on the site.

Hope that clears things up for everyone.

Regarding the Google Ads you see on these pages, I have no control over what those ads are, and in point of fact, I don’t even know what ads other people see, because Google tailors them to you based on how you got here, and the various keywords on the pages.  No article here is written with the idea of “keywords” in mind.  If I happen to mention the word ‘stroller’ five times, that will be because the article is about strollers.

By the way, keep coming back over the next few days, there are some exciting things in the works including:

  • Newbie Dad Guide
  • Gift Guide for New Dads
  • Guide for Expecting Dad’s Friends
  • Guide for Expecting Dad’s Family
  • and more…

Thank you to everyone who comes and reads this site.  Things are only getting bigger and better!

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