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While perusing the latest technology news in my role as a professional technology writer, I came across something interesting, a company called Toygaroo that bills itself as the Netflix of toys. Apparently, the online toy rental company was featured on a TV show that I haven’t seen called Shark Tank. The idea behind the show is that entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and then investors decide whether or not to invest in the company.  Two investors, including Mark Cuban, chose to invest in the company.  I mention this, because it reduces — but does not eliminate — the chances of this being a fly by night scam.

toygaroo-online-toy-rental-logoI have not signed up for Toygaroo yet, but it is an interesting concept that I will definitely dig into more deeply. Basically, you sign up for a toy rental plan, and then like at Netflix, you put toys into a “pouch” or queue. They send you the first shipment of toys on your list and then every two months, you box up the toys and ship them back. At that time, they send you the next available toys on your list.

The prices are not cheap, which is why I need to look more in-depth before I would feel comfortable giving parenting tips about using this toy service.

The cheapest Toygaroo plan is called the Joey Package an gives you four toys at a time. This toy renting package costs $24.99. Shipping is free both to your home and when you ship the toys back. There is also a Flyer Package with six rented toys at a time and a Boomer Package that offers eight toys at a time.  These are priced at $32.99 and $42.99, respectively.

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Is Toygaroo a Good Value?

To get a good deal out of Toygaroo, you need to pick the right toys. More specifically, you need to not pick the “wrong” toys.

For example, there are some Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles offered. These are good toys for kids. They are wooden puzzles with thick pieces you can play with on their own if you ever get bored of just putting the dinosaurs in their spot, for example. But, you can buy the Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle for just $9.99 normally, and less if you find a sale or Melissa and Doug coupon. In other words, for the price of renting four such puzzles, you could actually OWN two.

Is Toygaroo a Scam?

Of course, there is no reason you have to rent four puzzles and that is sort of the point. If you pick the right toys at the right time, Toygaroo can be a great deal. If not, then Toygaroo is not a good deal. Either way, Toygaroo is not a scam, and one certainly wouldn’t say Toygaroo sucks, however, you would want to manage it properly to make sure that you are getting the most value for your money. Otherwise, you will be better off just looking for good deals on toys and buying them yourself.

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  1. We signed up for the service and the stuff came and it was great, just like Christmas opening a large box of never before seen toys. BUT. . . .we sent back our toys a week ago and they still are not showing as having been received on their end so I can only imagine that it will be at least another week before we get our next box. Which means that two weeks out of every month we will be toy less and paying that much for toys that we only really see two weeks out of four makes the value go way down in my mind. We are now past our 30 day trial so we cant cancel for 3 months but there is no way for you to know how long all of the shipping and returning takes within your trial period. And to quit in the trial period you have to send the first shipment back and say you quit, with out receiving your second box. Plus they ship FedEx so we had to drive 20 miles to send them back. Also a downer is that you dont get to choose the order of your toy queue, they do so they are in control of what toys they send you.

    • Thanks for your comment. Please do keep us updated on when you get your next shipment and whether or not this is a one-time thing that happened this month, or if this is consistently how it works for you.



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