Father’s Day Resolutions

idea-light-bulb I know a good idea when I see it, and over at Backpacking Dad, I saw two in one really short article.

The first good idea is the concept of a "Father’s Year." Think of it as a fiscal year for dads, only for parenting instead of accounting purposes. It’s nice because it moves your year end and year begin as a father away from all the noise and hoopla around that other New Year with its Christmas, Thanksgiving, and bowl games neighbors.

The second good idea is the concept of Father’s Resolutions. Again, taking off of the new year theme, the idea is to use the start of the new dad year to make some resolutions about what you will work on as a dad in the coming Father’s Year. As an added bonus, Backpacking Dad has a good sense of humor and one that carries over into writing, so it’s a fun read.

Since it is late June now, I’m running a bit behind, but I’ll get to my Father’s Day resolutions before month end; that is if I can keep my unspoken resolutions to not turn into a zombie while staying up too late working, and getting up too early to play with my little alarm clocks, er… I mean children.

Good Parenting everyone.

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