Baby Monitors and Cameras – Beware

This post comes out of my own disappointment.  I thought I had found a really great deal on baby monitors and night vision cameras through a company called  I’ve been looking because we recently had another child and was hoping to be able to monitor three or four rooms with a single portable monitor that I can walk around with and hand off to my wife when we change over who is watching the kids and who is working to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, this kind of arrangement is difficult to find.  Regular baby monitors are usually just one camera and one monitor.  If you look hard enough, you can find two cameras and one monitor, but that isn’t enough for watching a playroom and two bedrooms.

When you get to 3 camera and 4 camera systems, they tend to be security systems.  That wouldn’t be bad except that they cost more and the purpose of the cameras is different such that they don’t necessarily make very good baby monitors.  Also, security systems often don’t come with cameras that see in the dark, or night vision cameras.  A system to monitor your child’s room when they are sleeping (or are supposed to be sleeping) is worthless without night vision type cameras.

At I found tons of great options.  So I decided to do some research.  You can believe what you want but there are two things that made the difference for me.

The first is Reseller Ratings which I know from some other places where they are pretty much universally panned.  Even worse is that a self-identified company official left a “review” to say that he would help and in that “review” he gave his company 5-stars.  Where I come from that is a blatant attempt to improve your score fraudulently.  Unfortunately for this guy, there are too many reviews for the one review to make any difference.

The second is that they are linked to / the same company as SellerKey which is pretty much universally reviled and despised in the Internet business community.

I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

Anyone with a good source for a multi-camera system with a single portable (not attached to a TV or computer) monitor that will allow for all 3 or 4 cameras to be observed and where those cameras come with night vision, let me know.

Otherwise, I’ll keep looking for as long as I can.

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