Free Amazon Prime For Free 2 Day Shipping

The guys over at Slickdeals have noticed that you can get a free Amazon Prime membership for “parents and caregivers”. The main benefit of Amazon Prime is that you get free 2-day shipping. Unlike the free standard shipping you get when you buy more than $25 worth of something, this eliminates the possibility of having to wait 2 weeks or more for something you buy from Amazon to show up.

This is an especially good thing for parents who have a child’s birthday coming up and want to save money by buying toys online but are worried about whether or not their kid’s presents will show up in time for their birthday. With free 2-day shipping, you can eliminate all the worry and guesswork about whether or not it is too late to order from Amazon.

Make sure you set a reminder on your calendar though, because if you don’t cancel the free 3-month trial before the three months is up, you automatically get charged to buy a full one-year Amazon Prime membership.

If you can hold out, wait to sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial until there is less than 3 months until Christmas. That way, you can get free 2-day shipping for all of your Christmas presents that you buy online from them.

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