Children’s Place Summer Sale Plus Coupon Code

One of the best parenting tips out there comes courtesy of the adult shopping world. Just like regular department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s, as well as clothing stores like Gap, Land’s End, and so on, start changing over their catalog of clothing to fall clothing lines during the summer, kid’s clothing stores like the Children’s Place and others start switching over to their Back to School clothes and winter clothing lines at the end of summer. That makes late summer (like now) a great time to get good deals on kid’s clothes.

For example, the Children’s Place store is having their “Last Chance” end of summer sale right now. Many items are just $2.99 ranging from t-shirts, to shorts, to pants, and even some shoes are available online for girls, boys, toddlers, and baby.  That is a great way to stock up on children’s clothing for cheap.

Add Children’s Place online coupon code BTSA7A (expires 9/1/2010) and save even more. That coupon code for Children’s Place knocks those $2.99 items down to $2.54.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5 during this sale, so if you buy more than two or three things and use the discount code to save on your order, that should add up basically covering the cost of shipping, so it’s like getting free shipping on your Children’s Place kid’s clothing store order.

Watch for sales like these at your favorite kid stores to find great discounts on child shoes and clothes, which is an important parenting skill considering how expensive buying kid’s stuff can be, and how fast the little kiddos outgrow it!

What are your favorite kid clothes and kids shoes websites to save money buying baby clothes and toddler shoes, as well as for those older children who have moved beyond the “T” sizes.

Good luck finding your own great deals.

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