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baby-clothes-sale-toddlers-childrens-place The Children’s Place is a pretty good store for toddler clothes.  There are plenty of designs, bright colors, and types of clothes from shorts, to pants, to shirts, to dresses, socks, and pajamas.  The best part is that these are nice clothes without being some overpriced designer name clothes that your kids are just going to grow out of in six months anyway.

Most Children’s Place retail stores are in shopping malls.  There is a Children’s Place in the Cherry Creek Mall on the upper level near the play area (giant breakfast food!).  It seems that the physical stores carry much more clothing for toddlers and older kids, and not very much in the way of infant and newborn clothes.  However, the Children’s Place online store has tons of stuff for infants and newborns as well as all the same things for toddlers and kids that they have in their physical stores.

The prices at The Childrens Place are good, but not great.  That is, until they have a sale.

Children’s Place has sales all the time.  Even better, they offer a lot of coupons too.  Sign up in the store or online and you can get coupons in the mail, email coupons, and discount codes or coupon codes for

Combine these coupons with a sale and you can get a great deal on baby clothes and save money on toddler clothes and kids clothes too.

As an example, our son, who was born in June, has lots of clothing thanks to gifts from family, friends, and coworkers, and of course, gifts from a baby shower.  Like all babies, he got a lot of really "cute" clothes and a lot less of the plain staples that any parent needs to dress their baby warmly and comfortably.

Since he is a newborn, we have a lot of newborn sized clothes and 0 to 3 months sized clothes.  The catch is that he is big but not always big enough to need 3 to 6 month sized baby clothes.

To fill in the gaps in baby’s wardrobe, I went to Children’s Place online store during a "Monster Sale" with a coupon code that I got.  The sale included $5 shipping on all orders regardless of size.  By scrolling through baby boy sale items I was able to pick up 4 pairs of shorts (in 2 sizes), 4 tops, and 2 onesies for less than $25 including shipping.  You can’t beat that price even at Wal-mart.

Ironically, I dropped into the mall store a couple of days later to find that the same stuff I paid $2.25 for (before coupon) were only marked down to $4.99 in the store.  That doesn’t sound like a big difference, but on 10 items that adds up to $20!

It looks like they are having another sale now, online at least with a coupon code and a $5 flat fee for shipping.  That means you are basically getting free shipping on everything after you buy 3 things. 

The current coupon code is S2DSE but it changes every month, or for every sale.

Do yourself a favor and go create a Yahoo email or Google email account (Google email is better) for signing up for coupons and sales information.  Don’t use your regular email account or it will get stuffed with emails all the time.  Go do this now, because you can save a ton of money by signing up for email newsletters, or offers, or whatever from not just kids clothing stores, but diaper companies, formula companies, baby bottle companies, and so on.  Don’t be afraid to sign up for these offers or you will be missing out.

Since you have a separate email account just for these offers and registrations, you can just let the emails pile up in the inbox until you need something.  Then, log on and see if you have a coupon for whatever store you want.  Then, do a select all and delete everything else to start the process over again.

A little effort can save you big money which is very important to new parents because babies are expensive, and don’t even get me started on how much having a toddler costs.

(By the way, always check the "sizing chart" whenever shopping for baby clothes, toddler clothes, or kids clothes.  If you think that sizes are never the same across brands for adult clothes, it is even worse for children’s clothes!)


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