Baby Formula Coupons – Enfamil Baby Formula $5 Off

enfamil-printable-baby-formula-coupon-graphicOne of the hardest things to save money on when it comes to babies and being a parent is baby formula. The manufacturers of baby formula know that for the most part, you don’t really have a choice about when you have to buy formula. They also know that once you get your baby used to a certain kind of formula, that you aren’t very likely to switch to another brand unless your baby gets finicky about drinking the usual brand. And, since baby formula rules prevent you from re-using formula, it is sure to be used up quickly.

Typically, if you can find a sale on baby formula, it is from a big retailer using it as a "loss leader", which is a sale that the retailer loses money on, or barely breaks even on, in order to get you into the store, knowing that it is likely that you will buy other things while there and that the profit made on those items can make up for losing the profit on the formula. That is why savvy parents watch the ads for stores like Target and other large retailers to watch for baby formula being on sale.

Right now, Enfamil has a printable coupon for Enfamil formula for $5.00 off any size, which is probably one of the best deals online. The coupon expires October 9th.

The great thing about printable coupons is that they can be used over and over. The trick is to use a utility to "print" your coupon to a PDF file or image file instead of actually sending it to your printer. This way, you can open the file back up and print it again, and again.

If you don’t want to mess with a print emulator utility, then just print the coupon and make a copy and keep the original. Technically, copies of coupons usually don’t count, but with a printable coupon, that is a little tough to enforce because you can’t really tell if it is a copy, or a print out from a lower quality printer. In fact, with so many all-in-one printers out there, many times your copy machine IS your printer, so it is the exact same quality. The trick is to keep the original, because a copy of a copy is always lower quality.

If you can find a sale on baby formula to combine the coupon with, you can really save some big money on a pricey baby item.

You can head over to the Enfamil website yourself, or follow this link to get your printable baby formula coupon.

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