Dreft – Yeah, It’s Worth It

laundry Ok, let’s get something straight. I do not pay for brand names if it’s the same as something else. I never have. I’m not the guy that pays $300 for jeans because it has some guy from New York’s name on them because they’re no better than WAY cheaper jeans. Now, on the other hand, I’m not the guy that cheaps out on stuff either. Wranglers and Levi’s suck and the only reason you ever wore them was because your Mom bought them for you. So, do I pay $50 to $80 for a pair of jeans. You bet.

The point? Everyone tells you about Dreft. It’s this magic laundry soap that you “just have” to use for your baby’s clothes. Whatever. I don’t buy Spring Scented Extra Bleach Phony Stain Fighting Smells Like Teen Spirit Laundry Soap in the first place. I’m sure mine is just fine.


Here’s the deal. Your baby will grow up into a normal child with normal tolerances for stuff. But, the day she shows up in your house from the hospital she is, well… a baby, about her skin. It is SOOOO sensitive it isn’t funny. For some reason the Dreft Laundry Soap doesn’t have whatever it is that makes a baby’s skin freak out. That part where it says “Pediatrician Recommended”? They aren’t lying. The first thing they said to me when I called about the red lines all over her body was what kind of laundry soap am I using. The next thing they said was to “Try Dreft.” Guess what? Works.

Undefeated Daddy Recommended.

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