Rockies Fireworks Game 2012

Good news Denver parents, the 2012 Rockies 4th of July Fireworks games are still on. With fires burning all over Colorado, many fireworks shows have been cancelled. I guess people figure that any grass fires that get started in the middle of Denver can probably be handled.

2012 Rockies Fireworks graphicSo, take your kids out to a Rockies baseball game and then watch some fireworks!

By the way, the 2012 Rockies fireworks games are on June 29th and 30th this year, because the Rockies are not playing at home during the actual 4th of July. That means that you can get a double dose of fireworks shows by watching the Rockies fireworks games in Downtown Denver and then watching your favorite city or municipal fireworks show on or about July 4th the following week.

Happy 4th of July to all readers.

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