Fireworks and Small Children

Fireworks-Children-Toddlers Thinking of taking your toddler or baby to see fireworks on the 4th of July?

Don’t let preconceived notions stand in your way of fun.  Yes, some kids are scared by fireworks, but not all of them.  In fact, some younger children might actually do better with the loud noises and bright flashes in the sky because they don’t have the experience yet to know that such things could mean trouble for them. On the other hand, some toddlers scream and cry with the first firework shot in the air.

There is no faster way to a bummer of a night for July 4th than having spent and hour finding a good spot and waiting for the fireworks begin only to have to run to the car after two-seconds.

Here are some tips for enjoying The 4th of July Fireworks with babies, toddlers, and small kids.

Tips for fun 4th July Fireworks:

  1. Do a test run. If you can find a fireworks display that happens before July 4th, usually for some kind of local event, take your youngster to seem them.  Such fireworks shows are usually much less crowded and you’ll feel less need to get a great spot to see them since it is just a test.  Stay near your car so you can leave quickly if necessary.  If Junior likes the fireworks, or at least isn’t scared, and if baby sleeps straight through even the loudest booms, then proceed to the full 4th of July fireworks shows.  Otherwise, plan for alternate events for your child.
  2. Stay Back – Fireworks are quieter and less scary when they are farther away.  See if you can view a show from a few miles, or even several miles away.  Hilltops are a good option, but what is more important is a clear view of the sky.  Find an empty field or park without tall trees between you and the fireworks.  Not only will your toddler be more likely to enjoy fireworks from far away, traffic will be lighter and the crowds will be smaller.
  3. Take an Extra Nap – Most fireworks shows don’t start until after it gets dark.  That can mean 9:30 pm, or even 10:30 PM, depending on where you live and when the sun goes down.  If your baby’s bedtime is normally 8:00 PM don’t expect a trouble-free evening if they stay up straight through to 11:00 PM.  Instead, throw in an extra nap during the day.  Don’t try and do a nap at bedtime.  Toddlers drop into deep sleep quickly and won’t like being woken up.  Instead, do a late nap that is still clearly a nap.   A 6:00 PM or even 7:00 PM nap (for later bedtimes) would be a good choice.
  4. Scout out Fireworks Displays – Know where you are going, where you will park, and where you want to sit BEFORE July 4th.  Nothing makes a small kid crankier than driving around in a car while Dad tries to find the fireworks, and then a parking space, and then a spot for sitting, and so on.
  5. Bring Snacks, Drinks, and Diapers – Just because your body knows that you don’t have to eat late at night, doesn’t mean your child’s body knows it.  Your toddler, baby, or small child all regulate their eating based on number of hours since their last meal unless they are asleep.  Since they’ll be awake, chances are they’ll be hungry right before the show starts.  Come prepared with healthy, filling snacks, and some drinks.  Make sure to have more than one sippy-cup.  Chances are, they’ll need a refill.

Coming tomorrow, Undefeated Daddy’s Best Denver Fireworks Shows for Kids and Toddlers

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