Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if vaccinating your children is the right thing to do or not. Likely, you’ve seen authoritative sounding science and research on both sides. Such information can be confusing, and without a scientific background, the truth is that you probably can’t parse the data solely on your own and come to a valid conclusion. I feel like I can help with a different way of looking at things that might help you come to a rational choice that you can feel good about.

The Great Vaccine Conspiracy?

The main reason you should not get your kids vaccinated is that the vaccines may not be safe. After all, if you could prevent your children from getting diseases without any harmful side effects, why wouldn’t you?

No one out there is saying that it is good for children to get measles or mumps or what have you. What they are saying is that the vaccines are potentially more harmful than the diseases your kids could get.

vaccinating childrenThe most common concern is that your child could get brain damage, or autism, or some other mental issue do to vaccines. Again, no one, anywhere is saying that the MMR vaccine will break your child’s arm or make them blind. That is largely because there is no one out there who ever vaccinated their child and then found out that their arm was broken for no reason. However, some parents have had their kids vaccinated and then found out that their child had autism or some other learning issue. Some have assumed that there is a link because of timing.

However, every government institution, and every country on the planet recommends, or mandates vaccination of children as good health policy.

Why would they do this if vaccines were dangerous?

The answer, without fail, is that the pharmaceutical industry is so big and powerful that is literally owns numerous politicians, scientists and government institutions. This is not un-true. It uses this massive power to keep the real data quiet and keep its vaccine money train rolling.

This argument has some appeal. After all, many of us are all too aware of corrupt politicians selling out to big business. However, there is a flaw.

The oil and gas industry is every bit as big and powerful as the pharmaceutical industry. The U.S. government has a documented history of doing terrible things, including overthrowing democratically elected governments, in order to protect the oil industry. And, yet, there are hundreds, or even thousands, of scientists and government agencies around the world publishing reports on global warming and fossil fuels that are harmful to the industry. And, while the power of that industry has kept any meaningful action from happening in the United States, dozens of other nations have signed treaties, and implemented policies directly in opposition to the oil industry’s interests.

If the oil industry can’t stamp out scientific dissent, then how can the pharmaceutical industry? How can the drug industry muzzle not only politicians, but scientists, doctors, and researchers in every country in the world? Wouldn’t Democrats have a field day in every election showing that Republicans (who the drug industry tends to favor) protect the very companies that hurt children? They’re doing that right now with the oil industry.

Does that really add up? And, if so, if the industry can do all that, how can all those people on the internet be getting at the “real” data the industry is so successful in keeping from everyone else?

There are numerous powerful lobbies that have successfully muzzled U.S. leaders and agencies, on a variety of issues, but that power seldom makes it across borders. BPA is considered safe and legal in the United States, but banned in several European countries. Growth hormones and other injections in cattle are protected by a powerful Texas-based lobby in the U.S. but are banned in Canada and much of Europe. How can the drug industry be the only industry able to pull the wool over they eyes of every country?

While we’re at it, remember one very important fact. Vaccines are a drop in the bucket of pharmaceutical revenue and profits. The big money comes from patented drugs made by just one company, not from generic vaccines produced by numerous companies.

Why You Should Get Your Kids Vaccinated

Here is what it all comes down to.

In order for you to believe that your child should not be vaccinated, you have to believe that either your child’s doctor is incompetent, or a drug industry shill willing to hurt your child to protect big business. The fact is that your doctor has access to the same data and the same internet you do. After researching the same things as you, your pediatrician has come to the conclusion that your child should be vaccinated. You, with much less training and experience have come to a different conclusion. Or, your doctor knows vaccines are not safe and is willing to give them to your child anyway. Why would you ever take your child to such a monster?

So, unless you plan to turn your back on modern medicine altogether, know that one day, you will trust your doctor (the conspirator) to prescribe an antibiotic (from a pharmaceutical company that deliberately poisons children) in order to cure your kid’s ear infection, and you’ll be glad you did.

Are you really so smart to distrust them today, but so stupid as to trust them later?

There is no other answer.

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