Halloween Candy Recall 2010 – Nestle Raisinets

Ever since selfish cowards began poisoning or otherwise tainting Halloween candy, it seems that kids just can’t catch a break when it comes to dressing up in a new costume and reveling in the surprise and delight of neighbors, friends, and family members at the sight of children in Halloween costumes. Each year, parents need to be smart and play it safe. This year, it seems that a couple of candy recalls before Halloween trick-or-treating starts are playing spoiler.

Fortunately, one of the recalls is not dangerous to most kids, although it can be very dangerous to those who are allergic to nuts. The other Halloween candy recall for 2010 is concerning for everyone and should be taken very seriously.

nestle-raisinets-recall-halloween-2010It seems that certain bags of Nestle RAISINETS Fun Size Bags in 10 ounce size may contain peanuts. The candy bags already say that they were made on machines that also process nuts, so kids with peanut allergies so severe even food made on equipment that handles nuts is not safe should already be steering clear of RAISINETS. But for those with serious, but quite that serious, nut allergies undeclared peanuts can be a big deal. A severe allergic reaction can mean a trip to the hospital, or worse. (Picture is NOT a sample of recalled packaging.)

The good news for all other children without peanut allergies is that there are no other health problems associated with candy from Nestle, or Raisenets in general.

For Halloween 2010, kids with no nut allergies who get Raisinets in their trick-or-treat bags can safely eat even the packages being recalled. For those children who do get Raisinets and have a peanut allergy, it’s probably best to throw them away, or trade them with friends for non-nut containing candy.

For full details on the Nestle Raisinets Halloween Fun Bags candy recall, visit the FDA’s website at FDA.gov (remember to use GOV and not COM).

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