Free Covid Tests for Family

Alright, let’s do this.

I’m about as over Covid as a person can be. Unfortunately, viruses don’t know when they have overstayed their welcome. Like most people, we got all vaccinated up and now, we just kind of go along and pretend nothing is happening. We also tested positive for antibodies before the vaccine came out, so maybe we’re super immune 🙂

So far, it’s worked.

Get Free Covid Tests from Government

The Biden administration has figured out how to get free Covid tests to American families. For now, at least, there is a limit of four free tests from the government. To get your free Covid tests from the federal government go to the website (make sure you go to .gov not .com or anything else.)

free covid tests virus

Put in your information and the government will mail you tests via the US Postal Service. You get free tests, the USPS gets some extra revenue. Win / Win.

It is important to realize that it will take 7 to 12 days to get your tests. If you understand the way shipping in America works, you know that you will be on the shorter end of that period if you live near a big shipping nexus (bigger cities). You will also get a longer delay if a bunch of other people sign up with you.

If you’re sick now, you need a test now. There is a different way to get free Covid tests now.

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Free Covid Tests from Your Insurance Company

The government ordered insurance companies to cover Covid tests for your family for free. I don’t how that works exactly, but it does.

If you read the media, it sounds like nobody knows anything. As usual, do some work on your own and you’ll come out ahead. I have Cigna insurance this year. When I log in to the patient portal on I see this:

Click the link and you get a form. You can get 8 tests PER PERSON PER MONTH, which is unnecessary unless you are actually sick in which case, I guess maybe you test every day to see if you aren’t positive anymore.

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The form looks ominous, but it’s mostly name, address, and all that junk. Then you fill in what you bought, where you bought it, how much it cost, and then you send in a copy of the receipt. Then you mail it in, or if you have a working time machine, you can pop back to the 1990s to find a fax machine and fax it in.

My advice is to go to your insurance company patient portal. You can go to the main website, but it might not be as helpful as the site where you have to be a customer and log in.

Good luck out there. May Covid skip your house, and if not, may your experience be mild.

Peace out.

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