BPA Gives Babies Cancer – FDA Doesn’t Care

Nothing really “gives” you cancer.  Your body’s cells react to certain chemicals or events in ways that lead to cells mutating into cancer cells.  One of these chemicals is BPA, also known as bisphenol A. Yet, this chemical is likely in the baby bottles you are using to feed your child baby formula or pumped breast milk, or in your toddler sippy-cups and spill-proof cups and yes, it is increasing their risk for cancer.

How can this be?  Isn’t the FDA supposed to regulate chemicals like these and keep greedy, corporations from poisoning us and our children.  The answer, is yes they are, but no they don’t.  Unfortunately the FDA has become increasingly political and subject to undue influence from outside interests. In this case the plastics industry and manufacturers of plastic products.  So, BPA is not safeBPA causes cancer.  The government doesn’t care.  Well, the US government anyway.  BPA is banned in Canada by an apparently less tainted government agency.

In over 100 studies performed around the world by numerous well respected scientists, universities, and research centers, BPA was found to increase the risk of cancer.  In just 2 studies, BPA was shown to be safe.  Guess who paid for those 2 studies?  The Plastics Industry.  And, based on those 2 studies the FDA approved BPA as a safe chemical to use in making all kinds of products including, BABY BOTTLES!!!!

Make no mistake, this conclusion is undisputed, BPA does cause cancer.  What the plastics industry argues is that the amount of BPA you get when you use products with BPA in them is not enough BPA to cause cancer.  In other words, yes, we are using a cancer causing material in our plastic products, but don’t worry because there isn’t enough of it to hurt you.  Yeah, I feel safer already.

Actually, this doesn’t this sound really familiar?  Oh yeah, replace BPA with smoking and Plastics Industry with Tobacco Industry and you have a replay of the “debate” about whether or not smoking causes cancer.  It is the exact same blueprint.  Use industry studies to produce “results” that show something every non-industry funded study in the world shows to be dangerous and then pretend like that is a real conflict of science and not a sham.

My dad told me that no long ago in this country there was a notion that when it came to children and babies, that safety is what mattered above all else.  That meant if there was even the slightest doubt that something wasn’t completely safe, then it wasn’t done.  That is why baby food used to only come in glass jars, because we knew for sure that it was safe.  These days, it seems that the government and the FDA especially seem far more interested in protecting their big corporate donations than in protecting our children, who let’s face it, don’t really contribute very much money to political campaigns.

The FDA even refused to require that products be labeled so that people could make their own decisions about BPA!  I guess we regular people are just too stupid to know what is and isn’t good for us, so we can’t handle having truthful information about what a bottle does or doesn’t contain printed on the packaging.

Fortunately, the lie is beginning to unravel.  A consortium of scientists have reported that the finding that BPA is safe is suspect at best and a sham at worst, especially in babies and children.  The lead scientist from one of the studies used to “prove” that BPA was safe has said publicly that her research was flawed and even so, was never designed to offer proof that BPA was safe in anything other than the reproductive systems of rats. 

Unfortunately, by the time the FDA gets around to doing the right thing, your baby could have been exposed to thousands of feedings from BPA tainted bottles.  Since the FDA did not require labeling of plastics you can’t be sure if a bottle does or does not contain BPA unless it is labeled BPA-Free or Does Not Contain BPA.  So, buy only baby bottles (and all other hard plastics) that are labeled BPA Free.

In the meantime, assume that all plastics not labeled BPA Free are cancer causing plastics.

Or, even easier, just remember one of these handy reminders:



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