2010 Halloween Candy Recall Mega Pops Lollipops

Just in time to make savvy parents even more concerned about candy from trick-or-treating on Halloween, there has been a recall of a popular brand of lollipop Halloween candy.

2010-halloween-candy-recall-mega-popsMega Pops brand lollipops are being recalled for the vague and ominous reason that there may be “foreign particles” in the candy. If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy, I don’t know what would.

Like most food product recalls this candy recall only affects certain bags of the suckers. These are all of the bags processed during the time that there was a problem. Customers need to compare the lot numbers on the bags of candy, or the UPC Code numbers. The catch to that, of course, is that kids getting Mega Pops suckers dropped into their trick-or-treat buckets or bags aren’t going to get a good look at the serial numbers on the bags.

If you have a bag of Mega Pops lollipops at home, then by all means check first to see if your suckers are even on the recall list. If not, then you can use them freely. You may want to think twice about giving them out as Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters though, considering that a lot of parents will be following the next bit of advice, as well.

If your child gets Mega Pops lollipops — or the any of the recalled Raisinets — it’s probably safest to just throw them away. If your child is old enough you can use this as a way to teach them that it is better to be safe than sorry. However, lessons make for very poor Halloween candy (the kind you should get your house TP’ed for) consider allowing your kid to swap out the suspect lollipop with one of the pieces of candy in the bowl your house is handing out to trick-or-treaters.

That way, children can learn a valuable lesson at Halloween without feeling like they lost out, and at the same time, they will learn that while Mom and Dad will never compromise on their health and safety, they also are not out to ruin a good time or cheat kids out of any Halloween candy.

(We do that after they go to sleep.  Hee, hee. — What? I walked around in the dark and cold too, some of that candy should go to me.)

Update: There is another Halloween candy recall for Nestle Raisinets. Fortunately, this one only affects those children who are allergic to nuts.

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