Mac & Cheese for Toddlers Healthy Version

image Does your little one love Mac & Cheese?  Mine does, and it is so easy to make, especially when meal time comes and catches you a little bit off guard, or what you thought was going to be for lunch falls through (moldy bread!).  But, Macaroni and Cheese doesn’t exactly conjure up images of super healthy lunchtimes.

That’s where Annie’s Mac & Cheese comes in.  Annie’s is a food company that creates healthy kid friendly products.  Some of it is organic, and some is just a healthier creation than the cheapest possible manufacturing method and ingredients possible.  They make a variety of frozen and regular dishes, including a box of macaroni and cheese (both “natural” and organic, either one is fine).  Unlike the Kraft version which has more chemical than you’ll find in a high school text book, Annie’s has just whole grain pasta (better than regular) and cheese plus sodium phosphate which is essentially salt.  It’s hard to feel bad about that, especially if you throw in some fruit or veggies on the side.

Another option if you prefer the frozen to microwave route is Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese which is also very good and healthier than the standard box of Mac & Cheese.  My advice is to get the regular one instead of the “kid’s meal” version.  It’s just as kid friendly and it’s cheaper.

If you go shopping and see the regular price, don’t freak out.  They both seem to go on sale with regularity at my grocery stores. Stock up then and look for coupons, and they really don’t cost much more.  Sure, they’ll never be a quarter a box, but I can usually get Annie’s for $1.50 or lower, and since my toddler only eats half at a time, I figure 75 cents per meal isn’t likely to turn into a financial crisis anytime soon.

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