Baby Formula Rules

Baby Formula Has Rules

baby-bottleA lot of parenting comes with rules that are really more “best practices” than anything else. But, when it comes to baby formula, there are some real rules that have to be followed.

First, baby formula bottles cannot be re-used no matter how little the baby drinks. Bacteria from the baby’s mouth gets into the formula and it THRIVES there. A bottle that has been in the baby’s mouth for even one second is done for withing an hour. That’s the other rule. 1 hour shelf life once a drink has been taken, so if it is taking a long time to feed Junior after one hour a new bottle has to be made.

Do Not Microwave Baby Bottles

Rule number 2 is just as important. Never, ever, ever microwave baby formula inside a baby bottle. One reason is that it can get too hot and even with shaking one part might be hot enough to burn the baby’s mouth. Even worse is that baby bottles are routinely made from plastic using a compound that has been shown to cause cancer in over 100 studies. However, the FDA chose not to regulate this process because 2 studies said it didn’t. Guess who paid for the two studies? Hello, Plastics Industry. Yet again, goverment cares more about dollars. So our kids get cancer, at least no one has to worry about getting their campaign contributions next year. Microwaving any foodstuffs in plastics is a bad idea, but especially the formula that your super-sensative baby will be drinking. Heat the bottle another way, or if you want to microwave, make sure you do it outside of the bottle and then pour it in after.

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