Quickie Save Money Shopping Tip

I have an article on saving money when it comes to shopping for a new baby, or even for a toddler for Dads and Moms on its way.  But,in the meantime, I came across this on sale at Amazon.com

One of the first steps in saving money while shopping for the things you buy like groceries, baby supplies, and household items, is to know what they cost “normally” around town.  Basically, this involves making notes of the prices of items you buy most often or that are the biggest hit on your monthly family budget.

There are a million ways to do it, ranging from a little notebook, to taking pictures with your cellphone, to using a Palm Pilot or other PDA device.

But, if you are a big gadget freak, then here is a tool made especially for the purpose and it happens to be on sale.  So, if you’ll be the guy wanting the tailor made gadget, you could do worse and pay more than for this one.

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