Best New Dad Tip of the Day

Here is one of the top tips for new dads, and it is a quick one too.  Just two words, Cargo Shorts.

As a Dad, you are going to need to carry around stuff, no matter where you go, or for how short of a time.  But, lugging around a bag just to hold a few things is no fun, no matter how manly they try and make Dad Diaper Bags or other man-style baby backpacks or diaper bags.

Imagine a morning walk while carrying your new son or daughter.  You probably don’t need an extra diaper, or an extra change of clothes, but you probably do need to bring along a drink, and maybe a stuffed friend as well.  Add your mug of coffee and you have hands that are too full to carry your baby.

Sure, you could carry around a backpack, diaper bag, or even a fanny pack but why bother for so little gear?

Instead, throw on a pair of cargo shorts or cargo pants.  Get them so that they fit in the waist, but are loose fitting in the legs (you want the pockets to be as big as possible, and form fitting shorts or slacks will make the pockets smaller.)  Get the kind with at least one extra "cargo" pocket on each leg.  That gives you 2 spots for things like sippy cups and other little things (the leg pockets even help the cups stay up right) and two pockets for your regular stuff like wallet, keys, and cellphone.

Don’t bother getting high-end or expensive new shorts.  These are your go-to carrying item when it’s your turn to take car of having all of baby’s stuff.  They’ll get dirty, and they don’t look stylish when the pockets are full anyway.

Now, you and your baby can stroll the neighborhood without any bag at all, not even a man style messenger baby bag.

Enjoy the sun.

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    • You’re kidding! I wasn’t aware the rock/stick collection was a universal thing. Ours currently resides in a vase.
      I will have to write about all the great moments I’ve had over the last year or so by finding things in the lower pockets deposited there by my little angel while I wasn’t paying attention 🙂


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