Baby Intercom Good Idea?

So, a new dad to be is chatting with some guys who are already dads, some newer dads and some older dads when he brings up the idea of a baby monitor with built-in intercom instead of a high-quality video baby monitor. As he sees it, he can talk to the baby and provide some reassurance from another part of the house, thus making the baby feel better, and maybe even fall back asleep.

The conversation goes from the older dads saying that they never had anything like that when their kids were infants, to newer dads saying debating whether or not they could or would use such a thing.

Finally, I brought up a point that I think was getting overlooked.

“Do you think that your child is more or less likely to get escalated and insist on seeing you and being held when he hears your voice but can’t find you?”

The conversation turned around quickly with all the dads concluding that a baby that hears your voice will insist on seeing you and the intercom thing might actually scare an infant who doesn’t understand how Mom or Dad can be there, without being there.

The dad to be wasn’t so sure. In his mind a soothing, albeit electronic sounding, lullaby from afar might be just the thing to soothe an infant back to sleep or relaxation.

As any dad will tell you, the key to keeping a baby by themselves, whether in a crib or just playing in a room is to keep them from seeing you, because as soon as they notice you, they will notice you leaving or notice that you are not holding them or otherwise being with them. This goes true for hearing you as well.

Before you buy an intercom baby monitor, test out the concept. Say a few words to your baby from outside the room and see if your toddler calms down or insists on an appearance. Then, save yourself the money and by a one-way baby monitor with a video screen instead.

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