Top 6 Squishmallow Gifts

Squishmallows are adorable, and they are sooo squishy and soft. It is no wonder kids of all ages love Squishmallows, but how many more Squishmallows can your child squish into their bed? How many Squishmallows can they stuff in a corner net, or in a sleeping bag stuff with stuffed animals? If your kids are anything like my kids, the answer is none! That doesn’t mean there are no more Squishmallow gift ideas out there. Here are the best Squishmallow gifts for kids.

Best Squishmallow Gift Ideas!

#1 Squishmallow Minis

Alright, look. Squishmallows is all about the Squishmallow stuffies kids know and love. Finding a new Squishmallow offering is a trigger to kid’s “I want” instinct, but the biggest Squishmallows are BIG, maybe too big. Head them off at the pass with Squishmallow Minis. Kick up a notch with a pack of Mystery Squishmallow Minis, four to six small minis that won’t crowd your kids’ bed combined with a surprise mystery box inside of a surprise gift box!

#2 Squishmallow Monopoly

If there is one thing my kiddo loves more than Squishmallows, it is Monopoly. What if there was a way to combing Squishmallows with Monopoly? That would be the greatest gift ever!

squishmallow monopoly

#3 Squishmallow Moose

Okay, so I’m biased. I love Moose (too much to make the plural joke, BTW), and this one is so cute! Squishmallow Moose!

Squishmallow Moose

#4 – Squishville Places

What’s that? You didn’t know there was a Squishville? There is and it is wonderful. There are numerous different Squishville play scenes ranging from the Squishville Mall to the Squishville School and the Squishville Movie Theatre.

#5 – Pixar and Disney Squishmallows

I’m never sure which company pays in a collection like this, but I am sure they make beloved Squishmallows for those that love Squishmallow and Disney and Pixar. (There is also Hello Kitty Squishmallows and Peanuts Squishmallows). My personal favorites are the Wall-E and EVE Squishmallows!

#6 – Best Squishmallow Christmas Gift

If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for your kiddo, then #6 is for you. The perfect Christmas gift from Santa could be one of the many holiday themed Squishmallows. There is Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the traditional Squishmallows in Christmas sweaters or Santa hats, and so on. Get the 10″ ones and they fit just perfectly in your average stocking.

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