2010 Denver Fireworks Colorado Rockies Fan Appreciation Day

Everyone in Denver knows about the Colorado Rockies fireworks games near the Fourth of July holiday. But, that is not the only Rockies fireworks game. The Denver baseball team also puts on a fireworks display at the end of the regular season as part of its fan appreciation day. The 2010 fireworks game for the Colorado Rockies is on September 24th, 2010.

The 2011 Rockies fireworks fan appreciation game details are here.

Of course, getting tickets and going to the see the baseball game in downtown Denver is one way to see the fireworks. If you can’t get tickets, or hanging around at a baseball game after dark with your kids doesn’t sound like fun, there are plenty of other places to watch the fireworks for free.

The Rockies fireworks shows feature shells that are shot up from land west of the stadium, not from inside of Coors Field itself. If you can see the sky over Coors Field, you can see the fireworks.

This is one of the last chances for moms and dads to take their children to fireworks before the colder winter weather sets in and such shows become less common.

Check out the Colorado Rockies fan appreciation fireworks with your young ones for a fun time with kids in Denver, Colorado this fall.

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